Seventh Avenue Advisory Committee (SAAC)

In April 2014, The City of Hendersonville City Council formed a Seventh Avenue Advisory Committee to review and discuss existing and/or proposed policies and ordinances that have an impact on the Seventh Avenue special tax district projects. The City Council established the Advisory Committee to hear advice and receive recommendations from the Committee.

Membership of the Seventh Avenue Advisory Committee will consist of eight members: four individuals who own local businesses or commercial property in Seventh Avenue Special Tax District (District Members), three at-large members and one representative from the Hendersonville Rescue Mission.  The Advisory Committee Members will serve two-year staggered terms.  Advisory Committee members will serve as advisory only, however some committee members may also serve on the board of the Historic Seventh Avenue District (HSAD), which is a separate non-profit 501 (c) 3.

The Advisory committee is instructed by City Council to meet at least quarterly and call special meetings as issues arise, or may meet more often if the committee desires.  The chairperson will be selected by the membership of the Committee from the members of the Seventh Avenue Special Tax District.

All meetings are open to the public and Council members may attend to participate or interact with the members.


1.  Carson Calton,  Committee Chairman, District Member,  HSAD President

2.  Dennis Dunlap, District Member, HSAD Vice President

3.  Jim Kastetter,  At Large Member, HSAD Secretary

4.  Farrell Beam,  At Large Member

5.  Chris Cormier,  At Large Member

6.  John Ryan,  District (RR) Member

7.  Anthony McMinn or Tim Jones, Hendersonville Rescue Member

8.  Ron Kaufman- At Large Member


Diane Caldwell, Green Meadows Liaison,

Brian Pahle, HSAD Assistant Secretary,

Lisa White, HSAD Treasurer